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Providing Roof Survey

At DVC Roofing, we offer an in-depth, full range of commercial roofing surveys and reports, providing you with the information required to help you prepare and budget for your roof maintenance or new works.

Whether it is a North East roofing survey or further afield across the UK, our commercial roofing surveys provides you with an expert assessment along with full description and photographic evidence of the condition of your roof.

Detailing and Accuracy

We have tailored our service using only our longest serving roofing tradesmen to deliver the full survey report, knowing every aspect of your roof’s detail. We can offer you in-depth commercial roofing surveys and reports far more detailed and accurate than our competitors that use an all-round building surveyor.

All of our roof surveyors are MRICS Chartered Building Surveyor registered.

How We Conduct Our Roof Surveys

We will arrange an initial site visit and a fully qualified roof surveyor will visit the site in advance. This is to evaluate conditions and ensure the right equipment/machinery is supplied on the day of the roof survey. We will deal with all traffic management issues and make all necessary arrangements before commencements. We will also issue you with a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

With the client’s permission, we will also carry out core samples to ascertain the build-up of the roof’s structure.

Aerial Photography Surveys by Drones

These self propelled drones can fly and get to places where we can not with a mechanical boom/cherry picker. We have the ability to take a bird’s eye view of the roof in question and using a high zoom lens, we can get up close to any issues.

The drone is particularly useful for identifying blocked gutters, hidden valley gutters and general missing slates to areas where we cannot see from below within a roof survey.

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