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DVC Roofing offer tiling services for your home.

There are many different choices of tiles including clay, concrete, plain and profiled depending on your property our surveyor will advise and try to help you choose the right match for your property and surrounding area.



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  • Are you having to replace tiles every year?
  • Do you have moss growing on your roof?
  • Dose your roof make noises in heavy wind?
  • Is your roof letting in water in more than one place?

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Interlocking concrete tiling is perhaps the most cost effective of the roof coverings. These are large tiles which cover around 10 to the metre.

They are laid as a single lap side by side, with the grooves on the underside of the one tile resting within those on the upper side of the proceeding tile.

Plain tiles come in both concrete and clay forms with the hand made clay tiling being the most expensive. The coverage rate is around 60 to the square metre so there is a consequent increase in labour. Additionally, as the tiles are laid double or trebled lapped (i.e. each tile has part of up to two other tiles beneath it) there is a great deal more battening needed and the weight on the roof is significantly increased. Plain tiles are often used for tile hanging.

Our experienced tradesmen will ensure that you will select the correct tiling method for your property/project. If you’d like to find out more about tiling, please take a look at our most recent case studies, or browse the gallery below. 

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