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North East Roofing Specialists DVC Roofing offers bespoke slating services for your home. There are many different choices of slating you can choose from, including stone, metamorphic or man-made.


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Types of Slating

Nowadays slates are imported from locations as far away as China, Brazil and Spain.

In addition, there are many man-made slates on the market made from either fibre or cement, moulded with a mixture of slate dust and fibre glass resin.

Perhaps the most expensive mainstream roof slating option is to use stone slates. They are enormously heavy slabs of natural stone laid in slightly different patterns from region to region.

What We Can Do 

We can provide any type, brand or make of slate for your commercial or domestic roofing project. From the most cost-effective solutions up to the most expensive stone slate varieties, our tradesmen will always provide you with their honest advice and guidance about what they think would be best for your individual slating requirements.

If you would like to discuss any slating requirements or discover which slates would be beneficial for your project, please contact us today.

You can also take a look at our most recent case studies, which show some of our latest commercial and domestic projects.

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