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Felt Roofing


Felt Roofing

Felt Roofing is laid by rolling out the individual layers while heating them with a propane gas torch until they melt into each other and become one. This process means that no air or moisture vapour can become trapped within the layers, which would be the cause of blisters and bubbles in the future. Using three built up layers of felt, all edging is made with green, grey or brown torch on mineral felt.

This Felt Roofing system is extremely durable as within the top layer of the system or cap sheet is a layer of woven polyester which allows the system to accommodate the thermal movement experienced by buildings with the extremes of Summer and Winter temperatures

We also offer a flat roof re-covering service using traditional lead or zinc sheeting but find that most customers find the torch on felt system to be more economical.

All of the old flat roof coverings are removed and the site swept clean on completion


Follow the checklist to find out if you need a new flat roof.

  • Has a puddle formed on your flat roof?
  • Have you noticed cracks, blisters or holes?
  • Does your roof leak during rainfall?
  • Are there signs of tears or damage?

Completed the checklist and still need assistance?

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Maintenance of Felt Roofing

Regular maintenance is essential for cost effective property management. Flat roofs are no exception since they are so fundamental to the protection of your property and consequently its value. Roofing system manufacturers recommend that your roof is regularly inspected to check for damage not covered by any guarantees.

If neglected, as with any aspects of your property, flat roofs can fail, resulting in serious damage to roofing insulation and the structure of the property. Maintenance should be planned to prevent costly, no-budgeted bills. Nature, the elements and our industrialised society place tough demands on flat roofs.

There are a number of contributing factors making regular maintenance so essential:

  • Build up of debris including leaves, branches, vegetation and rubbish which blocks outlets and affects water penetration
  • Frost damage to mastic and other sealers
  • Wind and extreme weather damage
  • Non-compliant additions to the roof
  • Movement, mechanical damage or contamination
  • DVC Roofing is an excellent investment, providing regular maintenance and ensuring that any potential failure in the roofing system is discovered and averted before major damage, disruption and expense is incurred.

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