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SIKA Liquid Plastics Commercial Flat Roofing

Sika Liquid Plastic New build, flat roof repair and refurbishment

Sika Liquid Plastics liquid applied membranes for commercial flat roofing are high performance polyurethane coatings, which rapidly becomes resistant to rain damage. They cure to form a completely seamless, elastomeric membrane. Each system is fully reinforced with Sika Reemat Premium glass fibre matting. Systems are available to suit all client’s budget requirements


Sika liquid applied membranes are cold applied, eliminating the risk of fire in an occupied building during installation and cure to form a seamless waterproof membrane. The advantage of a seamless system when compared to traditional sheet membranes such as felt is that it eliminates the possibility of joint failure through poor workmanship. The system offers outstanding stability and longevity, and can be guaranteed for up to 25 years.

SIKA Balcony system offers hard wearing and a full waterproofing integrity. Most Balcony Roofs can be completed in a day allowing foot traffic after 6 hours.


Sika Liquid Plastic ascetics. 

This picture shows the pleasing ascetic look that can be achieved using Sika Liquid Plastics. Here you can see we have achieved a traditional lead roof look incorporating a batten roll effect.



Our Service too you

From pre-start to project completion and beyond, DVC Roofing / Sika Applications Team is on hand to ensure your project runs smoothly.

We consider every member of our team to be a roofing expert and their aim is to offer complete support throughout the works including;

  • Attendance at pre-start meetings
  • Regular comprehensive documented inspection visits.
  • A final inspection of the work to ensure that the highest level of workmanship has been reached before a commercial roofing guarantee is issued.



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