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IKO Polimar Liquid Roofing

IKO Polimar Liquid Roofing has been specifically developed to provide short and long term waterproofing for both new build and refurbishment projects. IKO Polimar Liquid provides a flexible, high performance UV resistant coating that forms a seamless waterproofing barrier. High levels of strength make Polimar the obvious choice for areas with difficult access and intricate detailing requirements

Polimar is suitable for warm or cold roofs whether the roof is flat, inverted, green or profiled/pitched sheeting. It is suitable for use on mastic asphalt, reinforced bitumen membranes, cement, concrete, metal and plastisol coated sheets. Polimar Liquid roofing can be installed over an existing sound substrate without the requirement to strip and remove the existing roof build-up minimising internal disturbance and creating long term savings.

IKO’s warm roof build-up complies with Part L of the Building Regulations. The build-up consists of the latest cold applied technology from the installation of the high performance vapour control layer and insulation (including tapered insulation if required) to the final liquid applied top coat.

A Polimar preparation membrane acts as a dimensionally stable and reinforced base, ideal for the subsequent application of the specified Polimar liquid coating.


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