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IKO Mach One Flat Roofing For Domestic Property

Renewal of Flat Roofing:

This existing roof was well past its life expectancy however after surveying and core samples taking it was found the decking was also rotten. The customer decided to go with our recommendation and after receiving the full survey report from IKO, the customer felt confident in us knowing exactly what was required to hand over to the customer a valid 20 year warranty for flat roofing.

What we done:

We stripped off the roof down to existing joists, the roof was then newly boarded using 18 mm OBS Tongue and Groove decking fixed to existing roof joists.

We updated the insulation to 120mm to conform with Building Regulations We then laid IKO Mach One Roofing Single Ply System adhering at 300 mm centred to new Insulation. All perimeter detail incorporates a self-adhesive underlay, making the whole roof system flame free.

All area welds were achieved using hot air guns. We renewed the outlet detail using IKO refurbishment outlets and sealed to new system. This roof system hold a 20 year warranty direct from IKO Mach one waterproofing manufacturers.


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