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Commercial flat roof works / Moy Material

This commercial flat roof project was started in March 2019 and completed within the month. This is the first phase of a prestigous project situated in Manchester. DVC Roofing were invited by Moy Materials to be part of the team to deliver this project using a Protan single ply membrane system. Phase two to follow shortly.

Commercial Flat roof works

The system was installed using Protan EX-A-FB SA self-adhesive lead grey membrane with an integral self-adhesive  polyester fleece as the main roof sheet.  The plywood deck was primed using Protan primer, and a torch on VCL applied. The cut to fall insulation scheme was then glue applied to create falls to the designated perimeter gutter.

With this System build up, it is covered by a 20-year insurance backed single point guarantee.

Commercial flat roofing Newcastle

Commercial flat Roof Project


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