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Commercial Flat Roof Refurbishment For Gentoo Sunderland

The Work Flat Roof 800m2

This Commercial Flat Roofing job was for Gentoo Stores, offices located in the Sunderland area. The construction of the existing flat roof was metal deck built up with half inch fibre board and two layers of felt. The roof had reached the end of its service life and the risk of leaks had to be addressed to avoid any water ingress.

Flat Roof Repair

Project Requirement

To minimise health and safety risk, avoid disruption to customers and ensure that the building could operate on a business-as-usual basis, a Protan single ply system was specified by Moy Materials after site surveying of the existing substrate. Use of a Protan single ply system for this Commercial Flat Roof was also preferred to aid ease of detailing and to cover and complete/waterproof large areas in a days work.





Flat Roof Repairs

The customer was also keen to ensure that the chosen system could be installed within a short programme and stipulated a 20-year guaranteed service life in line with their building maintenance programme.

Following a site audit and condition survey carried out by MOY Material’ Area Technical Manager, DVC Roofing, was appointed to carry out the project and a full specification was compiled.

Protan Single Ply System was specified for the roof, ensuring that the new waterproofing membrane could be applied quickly and efficiently as the roof area once stripped was open to the elements.





Protan Single Ply

The DVC team began by stripping down to the existing structural metal deck and applying a heavy gauge Vapour Control Layer. DVC Team then fit Insulation, mechanical fixed onto of (VCL) operatives of DVC then followed behind mechanical fitting Protan Single Ply and welding up overlapped joints. This System and method of works allowed us to totally complete a sections we stripped.





Employee from DVC Roofing comments: “We were working in a busy environment with offices located below us.  We also had to cope with everything the weather had to throw at us, including high winds heavy rain and snow.

Protan Single Ply“The ease of use of the system and the technical support offered by MOY Material field technician team ensured we were able to manage all the box gutter detailing, including completing the job to a high standard and within the customer’s deadline.






Below photos of works completed.


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